InForm Abstract Submission Instructions

2022 InFORM Abstract Submission Form Instructions

Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday, January 28, 2022

Abstract Submission Form Link:


Submissions should not have been presented at a national conference in the United States within the past year. All abstracts will be evaluated by 2022 InFORM discipline-specific sub-committees using a variety of criteria including scientific merit, timeliness, theoretical innovation and breadth, methodological innovation, lack of overlap with the regular program, and diversity of the speakers.

Abstract Submission Requirements

  • All submissions must include a title, author/presenter(s), and affiliation(s).
  • Submissions for single presenter and multiple presenter/panel formats must include at least two to three learning objectives.
  • All submissions must acknowledge that they have read and agree to the 2022 InFORM abstract submission instructions.
  • Proposals that do not meet format requirements will not be considered for review.
  • All speakers are required to register for the meeting by Friday, April 1, 2022 for their abstract to be listed in the agenda.
  • The last day to submit Oral or Poster abstracts for presentation is Friday, January 28, 2022.
  • If you experience technical issues with submitting an abstract via the online abstract form, please complete a Word version of the abstract form and submit to

Presentation Type
When submitting an abstract, authors will select whether they want their abstract considered for oral only, poster only or oral or poster. Abstracts not accepted as oral abstracts will only be considered for posters if the presenter has submitted for ORAL OR POSTER.

Submitters should choose the discipline track that best represents their abstract: Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Health Communications, or Laboratory Science. Choosing a discipline will help to direct which sub-committee will be reviewing your proposal. The sub-committees reserve the right to reassign topic categories after review.

Type of Presentation Format
Submitters will have the option of proposing an oral single presenter presentation, an oral presentation with multiple presenters/a panel, or poster presentation.

  • Oral: Single presenter: These sessions will have a moderator and one speaker.
  • Oral: Multiple presenter/panel: These sessions generally have a moderator and two or three speakers. They may be panel discussions or other interactive/informational sessions generally addressing a specific issue, program, or core public health function. 
  • Poster: Poster presentations will be presented virtually. Posters should emphasize visual materials, such as photographs, drawings, and graphic representations of statistical data. Text material should be limited to summarizing key points. The use of color is welcome but not essential. It is also recommended that you divide your presentation into the following categories: abstract, background, methods, results, conclusions, etc.

Session Description/Scientific Abstract
Please enter a brief session description or scientific abstract (background, methods, results, conclusions). For oral presentations (single and multiple presenter/panel), please also describe the amount of time needed for the presentation.

Session Teaser
Complete for oral presentations (single presenter and multiple presenter/panel) only.

Level of Knowledge/Experience
Complete for oral presentations (single presenter and multiple presenter/panel) only.

Learning Objectives
Complete for oral presentations (single presenter and multiple presenter/panel) only. For each learning objective, complete the sentence, “At the conclusion of this session, the participant will be able to…” Use action words to begin each learning objective, such as describe, define, demonstrate, conduct, list, etc.

The primary presenter or moderator will be the first presenter in the list and must be completed for all submissions. Add additional presenters as necessary for multiple presenter/panel proposals. As part of the requirements for continuing education accreditation, a brief autobiographical sketch, or bio, should be included for each presenter with pertinent information about education and work experience.


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