Building Capacity

Building Capacity for Environmental Health

NEHA and Accela,Building Capacity for Environmental Health

In the interest of building capacity for the environmental health profession, NEHA and Decade Software established a pilot, three-year co-branding agreement in 2013 to further the use, fit, and future development of IT resources, specifically software designed for the environmental health profession.

The co-branding program ties to NEHA’s strategic directions of training and education as well as organizational capacity.


  • Technology is becoming integral to conducting the full spectrum of environmental health work. Through this program, NEHA expresses support for a nationwide environmental health workforce that is taking full advantage of all that technology has to offer.

  • Software applications hold the promise of increasing productivity and enabling environmental health professionals to better and more meaningfully use the data that they collect.

  • NEHA will also assist in communicating the benefits of software utilization for the advancement of the environmental health profession.

  • This partnership aims to accelerate the education, training, and use of environmental health software within the public sector environmental health community.

Building Capacity Columns in the JEH

We are pleased to publish this bimonthly column from Decade Software Company that will provide readers with insight into the Building Capacity initiative, as well as be a conduit for fostering the capacity building of environmental health agencies across the country.

The conclusions of this column are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the views of NEHA.

Darryl Booth is president of Decade Software Company and has been monitoring regulatory and data tracking needs of agencies across the U.S. for 18 years. He serves as technical advisor to NEHA’s technology section, which includes computers, software, GIS, and management applications.