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Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 09:45
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Chelsea Maralason
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NEHA member and credential holder, Tiffany Jackson says she likes being in the environmental health profession because of the variety of work she does on a daily basis.

From field work to administrative duties, Jackson, an environmental health specialist, is never bored and her track record proves that her interests in the industry go well beyond the average professional.

Jackson studied biology while in college and upon graduation, she found herself unsure of what to do next. She applied for many jobs and was always drawn to environmental health, but says she never understood the vastness of the profession. Shortly after starting her career, she realized how much environmental and public health impacts her community.

After finding herself in the environmental health field she realized how important obtaining a NEHA credential was.

“It is a preferred qualification for most for environmental health specialist,” Jackson said, “It makes you stand out and distinguishes you from everyone else.”

Holding an REHS/RS, CC-FS and CP-FS credential and studying for the HHS credential, she strives to go the extra mile. “I like to feel challenged,” says Jackson when it comes to her desire to continue to get credentialed. She felt that getting the REHS/RS helped her get perspective about her industry, while the CC-FS and CP-FS have helped her understand the specifics within her profession.

She joined NEHA in 2006 and feels that the organization provides environmental health professionals with the resources needed, desired information, and various avenues, to network and connect with professionals in the field.

According to Jackson, the NEHA credentials have been pivotal in her career and she says the credentials have given her “exposure to a range of resources.”

Jackson is not done yet, and plans to continue to strengthen her professional career through NEHA credentials and training as well as other available resources through NEHA. “We always have the opportunity to become better and learn more,” says Jackson.

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