NEHA Members are

  • A community of professionals committed to sharing their knowledge and experience.

  • Informed about the latest topics in environmental health being addressed across the nation.

  • Dedicated to safeguarding people and the environment.

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Individual Membership Global connections between people

NEHA offers individuals several options including multi-year, international, retired, student and new graduate membership.  

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Sustaining Membership

NEHA invites nonprofit and for profit organizations to partner with us through sustaining membership.

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Educational Membership

NEHA welcomes colleges and universities to join at special discounted rate.



For additional information, please contact:

Jonna Ashley

NEHA Membership Manager



  • "I am a NEHA member because I want to meet and get to know other people who work in the field. Environmental Health has intelligent, dedicated & caring professionals who can share their experiences with others. I remain a member because I want to be part of this network that is making the world a healthier place to live."
    - Roy K., NEHA member since 1993
  • "I am a NEHA member as it broadens my knowledge of EH topics being addressed across the nation and the world. By talking with peers from the association, I can learn about solutions that others have already discovered."
    - Sharon S., NEHA member since 1988
  • "I am a NEHA member because I enjoy being part of an effective public health association in which members are committed to health promotion and disease prevention. I enjoy feeling part of a broader community of caring individuals and professionals located across the country."
    - James S., NEHA member since 2003
  • "I am a NEHA member because I like to stay informed on the latest topics in environmental health. It also offers the opportunity to meet and network with other dedicated professionals in the field."
    - Sandra L., NEHA member since 1994