Membership FAQ's

NEHA Member Services has compiled the following list of frequently asked questions.

As NEHA credential holder, what do I need to know about membership?

NEHA membership and credentialing are complimentary but separate programs. Membership is not required to hold a credential; however, NEHA members receive the lowest rate on their credential exam and renewal fees. NEHA members also receive exclusive access to our E-Learning resources which are used to complete the continuing education credits needed to maintain credentials. All individual NEHA membership categories have access to free E-Learning and credential discounts. Changes to NEHA’s membership program will not affect your status as a credential holder. 


What happened to the Sustaining and Educational membership categories?

In March 2018, NEHA members voted to restructure and simplify our membership program. This reduced membership category options from 13 to 5, sunsetting the organizational membership categories.

Each Sustaining and Educational membership will be honored through their current expiration date, but not eligible for renewal. Throughout 2019, NEHA will offer incentives to the staff at current organizational members to join as individual members. NEHA will continue to collaborate with colleges and universities to advance our shared goal of educating and engaging the next generation of environmental health professionals. NEHA will work with our sponsors and exhibitors to ensure that we are offering high-quality options for advertising and exhibiting with us.


Am I considered an Emerging Professional?

NEHA created the Emerging Professional category to open an entry-level membership option for those who are just getting started in their environmental health career. If you are a student, just out of school, or entering the field of environmental health for the first time then you are eligible to join or renew in this category for a 5-year term. 

NEHA also has many members who are personnel in the Uniformed Services (United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corp). Active duty Uniformed Service personnel who are within the first 5 years of their career, junior officers, and individuals who are transitioning out of uniformed service positions and into environmental health-related civilian jobs are all welcome to join or renew in the Emerging Professional category.

At the end of the 5-year term, all Emerging Professionals will be required to renew in the Professional category. Some member benefits are not extended to those in the Emerging Professional category, such as eligibility to vote in NEHA elections, eligibility to hold NEHA leadership positions, advertising discounts, and free employer job postings in the NEHA Career Center


How can I receive a print subscription to the Journal of Environmental Health (JEH)?

All NEHA memberships come with a subscription to the Journal in the electronic E-Journal format ($150 value). The member rate for a year’s subscription to the Journal in print is $35 for U.S. based members ($160 value). Members can sign up and pay for print subscriptions when they join or renew. Due to shipping costs, international members are not eligible for the member rate on print subscriptions.


Can I be refunded or have my membership transferred to someone else?

NEHA memberships are non-transferable. Member Services staff will refund membership dues within 30 days of purchase upon request. We encourage you to read through each membership option before making a final purchase. To submit a request for a refund please contact

Have a question that's not included on this list? Please contact NEHA Member Services: or (303) 756-9090.