NEHA 2021 Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition Three-Part Virtual Series

NEHA 2021 AEC and Exhibition Three-Part Virtual Series: Thank You for Attending!

Registration to access all on-demand content opens August, 2021

April 20-21, 2021 (On-Demand)

June 1-2, 2021 (On-Demand)

July 14-15, 2021 (Available August, 2021)


Environmental health professionals have been on the front line of an unprecedented global pandemic. COVID-19 brought with it changes in our roles and increases in our responsibilities. Together we are working for a safer and healthier tomorrow.

The NEHA AEC is the premier environmental health conference that brings together professionals from around the globe, virtually in 2021, to learn and discuss current and emerging environmental health topics and issues. Discover how local agencies, industries, and levels of government are working to ensure the safety of the public and environment, and how they contribute to the advancement of the environmental health profession.

For more information on the AEC, please e-mail or call (303) 756-9090.

On-Demand Registration

Registration for on-demand access to all three parts of the AEC Virtual Series begins August 2021.

On-Demand Access

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2022 Call for Abstracts

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