2021 AEC On-Demand Access

NEHA 2021 AEC On-Demand Access Available to Registered Attendees

Recorded sessions from Part 1 and 2 of the AEC Three-Part Virtual Series are available to registered attendees. Registered attendees can access recordings through the online store.

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2021 AEC Three-Part Virtual Series On-Demand Access

Part 1

  • Food Safety Sponsored by EcoSure
    • A Matter of Trust: A Quantitative Study to Explore Allergen Awareness and Compliance in Takeaway Food Businesses in the Borough of Knowsley (.5 CEs)
    • Automation & Technology Trends in Foodservice Equipment (1 CE)
    • Does This Meet the Code? - Food Equipment Tips for Plan Reviewers (1 CE)
    • Local Food Safety Advisory Boards That Work Wonders (.5 CEs)
    • NCEH-Conducting Environmental Assessments: An Essential Tool for Foodborne Outbreak Investigations (1 CE)
    • NCEH-Improving Restaurant Food Safety Through Innovative, Practice-Based Research with the Environmental Health Specialists Network (1 CE)
    • Serving Safety (.5 CEs)
    • The National Environmental Assessment Reporting System (NEARS): Improving Foodborne Outbreak Investigation and Prevention with Environmental Assessment Data (1.5 CEs)
  • Infectious & Vectorborne Diseases
    • Advising the Public on Ventilation and Surface Sanitizing for COVID-19 (.5 CEs)
    • COVID-19 Impacts to the Environmental Health Field (1 CE)
    • Infection Prevention & Control? Isn't That Just Environmental Health (.5 CEs)
    • Vector Collaboration Between Agencies in Two States (1 CE)
  • Uniformed Services
    • A History of the Sanitarian (EHO) Category of the U.S. Public Health Service (.5 CEs)
    • Aiming to Characterize Maintenance Workers’ Lead Exposure at an Indoor Shooting Range (.5 CEs)
    • Choose Safe Places for Early Care and Education during Disaster Recovery (.5 CEs)
    • Navajo Water Access Mission (.5 CEs)
    • Navigating the CDC Framework for Conditional Sailing Order (.5 CEs)
    • NIOSH Occupational Exposure Banding: A New Tool for Chemical Risk Management (.5 CEs)
  • Workforce & Leadership
    • AEHAP Student Research Competition Presentations (1 CE)
    • Decide, Say It, Show It: Tips and Tricks to Get Your Message Across (1 CE)
    • EHAC - Environmental Health Accreditation - Past and Future (.5 CEs)
    • Engaging the Next Generation of Environmental Health Professionals (.5 CEs)
    • Enhancing Undergraduate Environmental Health Education Through Faculty Internships: A Case Study Highlights Needs and Opportunities for Improvement (.5 CEs)
    • Leadership in Action: The Results of Leadership Training from EPHLI (1 CE)
    • The Importance of Understanding and Writing for Your Audience (.5 CEs)
    • The Truth is Out There: How to Connect to the Correct Information (1 CE)
  • Environmental Justice & Children’s EH
    • ATSDR's Community Stress Resource Center (.5 CEs)
    • Minnesota Healthy Housing Grants: Impacts, Successes, and Challenges (.5 CEs)
    • Playground Safety and Hazard Assessments within Tribal Communities (.5 CEs)
    • Reaching Out Online: Virtual Public Engagement for Environmental Justice Communities (.5 CEs)
  • General Environmental Health
    • A Brief History of Environmental Health (1 CE)
    • Discussing Sanitation Similarities between the US and Developing World (1 CE)
    • Diverting Food Waste from Commercial Food Establishments: Two Success Stories from Central Oregon (1 CE)
    • Meet the NEHA History Makers.....Living History Then and Now (1 CE)


Part 2

  • Climate & Health
    • A Low-Cost Method to Improve Indoor Air Quality (1 CE)
    • Adaptation Nation: Health Departments Across the US Prepare for the Health Threats of Climate Effects (1 CE)
    • American Climate Metrics Survey: Results of Four-Year Data on Attitudes, Awareness, and Behaviors on Climate Change in Partnership with ecoAmerica (1 CE)
    • Climate and Health: Policy and Prospects in Post-Election Alaska and the United States (1 CE)
    • Collaboration on the Health Effects of a Changing Climate (.5 CEs)
    • Informing the Use of N95 Respirators by the General Public to Reduce Wildfire Smoke Exposure (1 CE)
    • Mortality Associated with Extreme Heat in Washington State: The Historical and Projected Public Health Burden (.5 CEs)
    • Sustainability in Environmental Health (.5 CEs)
    • Translating Heat-Health Epidemiologic Findings to Inform Arizona’s School Heat Policy (.5 CEs)
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response
    • CDC COVID-19 Response: Grand Princess (1 CE)
    • COVID-19 Public Health Response as Environmental Health Specialists (.5 CEs)
    • Disaster Public Health Decisions for Drinking Water Systems Contamination (.5 CEs)
    • NCEH-2017 Hurricane Recovery Projects in Puerto Rico (1 CE)
    • NCEH-Addressing Emergency Preparedness and Response Through Environmental Health-Related Disaster Recovery (1 CE)
    • NCEH-CDC Assistance for Environmental Health Services Programs Following the 2017 Hurricane Season (1 CE)
    • NCEH-Rebuilding Environmental Health Capacity in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Post-2017 Hurricanes (1 CE)
    • Tribal Communities and Partners Coming Together to Battle COVID-19 (1 CE)
  • Healthy Communities
    • An Assessment of Ergonomic Office Issues Faced by University Populations Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic (.5 CEs)
    • And to Think That I Saw It on Carpenter Street -- Transportation Evolution and Environmental Health (1 CE)
    • Assessing the Cyclical Nature of Lead Exposure in Low-Income Neighborhoods of Chicago: A Systematic Review (.5 CEs)
    • Health and Safety Results and Actions Taken: Fall 2020 NJ Secondary School Reopening Needs Assessment Survey (1 CE)
    • Housing in Correctional Facilities in General and Even During COVID-19 Pandemic: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (1 CE)
    • How to Engage Residents During COVID-19 to Perform Home Assessments and Interventions (1 CE)
    • Lead in GRITS (.5 CEs)
    • Making Public Toilets Safer for Everyone (1 CE)
    • Unhealthy Housing: A Survey of the Origins of the Healthy Housing Movement (.5 CEs)
  • Water Quality Sponsored by Inspect2Go
    • Chloride: Increasingly a Significant Threat to Drinking Water Quality (.5 CEs)
    • From Septic Systems to Harmful Algal Blooms – New Approaches to Manage Public Health Challenges (1 CE)
    • Legionella - The Environmental Health Implications of the Latest Research (.5 CEs)
    • Occurrence of Nitrate and Indicators of Agriculture and Septic System Contamination in a West-Central Wisconsin Sand Aquifer (.5 CEs)
    • The 4th Edition MAHC Impacts Pool Inspections (.5 CEs)
    • Managing PFAS in drinking water for safer and healthier communities (.5 CEs)
  • Workforce & Leadership
    • LeadHERship Session: The Likability Penalty – How to Spot It and What to do About It (.5 CEs)
    • Show Me the Money! - Winning the Annual Budget Battle (1 CE)
    • Keynote Panel: Views of Environmental Health by Policy Makers (1 CE)
    • The Inflammation of Discrimination: Does Discrimination Modify the Environmental Contribution to Cardiovascular Risk (.5 CEs)

Part 3: Available August, 2021

If you have any questions or issues with accessing the 2021 recorded session, please contact us at staff@neha.org or (303) 756-9090.