Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts Closed

NEHA 2021 Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition Three-Part Virtual Series

The 2021 AEC Call for Abstracts is currently closed. Unfortunately we are unable to accomodate late submissions. 

Review Criteria

The 2021 AEC Review Committee will review all submissions based on quality, relevance, impact, and originality. Prospective presenters are welcome to reference products as long as product references add to the educational value and are presented in a noncommercial fashion.

  1. Quality: Presentation submissions should be well organized and easily understood. The abstract and summary are judged as indicators of what can be expected of the session.
  2. Relevance: Presentation submission should be highly relevant to the interests of the environmental health audience in general and the track topic in particular.
  3. Impact: Presentation submissions should contribute to the educational mission of NEHA. Submissions reporting on emerging environmental health issues, important results, methodologies, or case studies of special significance will be favorably considered. 
  4. Originality: Presentation submissions on innovative technologies, case studies for innovative designs, or other novel results that contribute to NEHA’s goal of providing a high-quality educational program for practicing environmental health professionals will be favorably considered.
  5. Commercial content: Product promotion is not permitted. Evidence of product promotion in presentation submissions will lead to rejection of the submission. It is acceptable to use a product in a design case study or as a proof of concept for a design methodology.

Note. The 2021 AEC Review Committee reserves the right to request edits to submitted presentations or to reject a submitted presentation if it does not meet review criteria or follow submission guidelines.

Abstract Submission Terms and Conditions

  • When submitting an abstract on your MyNEHA account, you are the point of contact for that submission and you will be the only person notified by e-mail with information pertaining to the abstract. Additional speakers listed will NOT be notified directly, only the submitter whose account was used. It is your responsibility, as the submitter, to forward communications to other speakers/presenters or other relevant parties.
  • Individuals may submit up to three unique abstracts.
  • To submit an abstract, you must be a speaker, panelist, or otherwise directly connected to the abstract. NEHA does not accept abstracts submitted by a third party.
  • All speakers, presenters, poster presenters, or panelists must be at least 18 years old.
  • Submitted abstracts must be in their final form. Revisions and/or edits are not possible.

2021 AEC Tracks

Below is a list of 2021 tracks and disciplines.​

1. Healthy Communities

  •     EH Health Impact Assessment
  •     Healthy Homes & Communities
  •     Land Use Planning & Design
  •     School & Institutions
  •     Lead

2. Climate & Health

  •     Adaptation
  •     Air Quality
  •     Extreme Heat
  •     Extreme Weather
  •     Extreme Rainfall
  •     Drought
  •     Wildfires

3. Data & Technology

  •     EH Tracking & Informatics
  •     Technology & EH

4. Emergency Preparedness & Response

5. Food Safety

  •     Food Safety & Defense
  •     Retail & Home Restaurants
  •     Cannabis

6. General Environmental Health

  •     Emerging EH Issues
  •     Hazardous & Toxic Materials
  •     General EH
  •     Solid Waste
  •     Food Waste
  •     Sustainability
  •     Global EH

7. Infectious & Vectorborne Diseases

  •     Pathogens & Outbreaks
  •     Vector Control & Zoonotic Diseases

8. Special Populations

  •     Children’s EH
  •     Environmental Justice
  •     Uniformed Services

9. Water

  •     Onsite Wastewater
  •     Recreational Water
  •     Water Reuse
  •     Premise Plumbing
  •     Private Drinking Water
  •     Water Quality
  •     Including Shorelines

10. Workforce & Leadership

  •     Leadership & Management
  •     Student & Young Professional Career Development

Educational Session Format

  • 20-Minute Lecture 
  • 50-Minute Lecture 
  • 50-Minute Panel 
  • 50-Minute Learning Lab 
  • Poster Display 

Questions? Please send an e-mail to and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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