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Keynote Address: Tuesday, April 20

John Wilson, Founder, CBL Training and Consulting 

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Communication and De-escalation

Work for Environmental and Public Health professionals continues amidst a world of growing stress and anxiety for the professional and the members of the public they serve. The capacity to maintain their own behavior, coupled with the ability to successfully gain compliance or create cooperation may be one of the most important contemporary skills of this decade.


John is the founder of CBL Training and Consulting, established in 2004.  He has served as a sergeant in a major California law enforcement agency where he led a crisis intervention training unit.  He is Advanced Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified.  He has worked street patrol, auto theft and drug ​investigations, general crimes, and as a police academy instructor (criminal law, impaired driving, and physical training).  He has been certified as a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and DRE instructor, homicide investigator, crime scene investigator (CSI), electronic surveillance (wiretap) operator, advanced sex crimes investigator, auto theft investigator, DOJ-BNE narcotics investigator, advanced rural and urban surveillance, and TSA Behavioral Detection among other certifications.​

Before becoming a peace officer, he was an "Outdoor Adventure Education Supervisor" for an at-risk youth program with the Tulare County Office of Education.  He also worked for King's View Center as a "Child Care Worker" for a live-in substance abuse treatment facility in Fresno County.  John served as a seasonal US Forest Service Wildland Firefighter in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Kings Canyon.

​John is an honorably discharged, non-commissioned officer (NCO), U.S. Army veteran of the 75th Ranger Regiment, the 25th Infantry Division, and an augmented member of the Joint Task Force - Full Accounting (JTF-FA)(62nd JFA)(Socialist Republic of Viet Nam).  He is currently a Chaplain's Assistant/Religious Affairs NCO (serving all faiths) and a Military Emergency Management Specialist with the California State Guard (Army).  John is certified by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc in "Assisting Individuals in Crisis" and "Group Crisis Intervention."

John has 1,000s of hours of domestic and international instructional experience from youth to adults and from a diverse international spectrum of government organizations, private organizations, and private citizens.  John is a POST certified academy instructor, scenario coordinator, Institute of Criminal Investigation and Instructor Development Institute Level II instructor, POST physical training instructor, Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) instructor, and Force Options Simulator instructor. 

He has been involved in a deadly police combat shooting, has watched a fellow officer suffer gunshot wounds, and has witnessed the death of a fellow peace officer.  John has been shot twice in the line of duty and he takes employee and public safety very seriously.

John graduated Summa Cum Laude from Columbia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science General Psychology and focuses his practical and educational achievements on tactical bio-psychology and outdoor adventure.

John has been married since 1996, has children, enjoys serious outdoor adventure, is an ultra-marathon runner (100 miles), an Ironman finisher (140.6), and is a Christian.​​

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Keynote Panel: Tuesday, June 1

Mayor Kim Norton, Rochester

Additional Paneilists: TBD

Views of Environmental Health by Policy Makers

Both Democrat and Republican policy makers tackle environmental health problems facing their constituencies, but each view it from a difference perspective. Come hear how each side looks at environmental health, and how it should be presented to members of both parties.

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Closing Session: Thursday, July 15

David T. Dyjack, Dr.PH, CIH, NEHA Executive Director

Sandra Long, REHS, RS, NEHA President 

Roy Kroeger, REHS, NEHA President-Elect

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Closing Session & Awards Recognition: From Here to There

Environmental health professionals have been on the front line of a devastating pandemic. Learn what your association is doing to support the profession and discover the path forward as we work together for a safer and healthier tomorrow. During the Closing Session, we will also honor the top award recipients for 2021.

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