Information for Presenters

Information for Presenters

All presenters are required to register for the full three-part series. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

When will I be notified if my abstract was accepted for a presentation?
Presenters will be notified January - February 2021.
Am I required to register for the conference? 
YES. All presenters are required to register for the full three-part series.
Can I get registration fees waived as a presenter?
We expect over 100 presenters who not only present but also attend our other educational sessions. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer discounted registration to so many presenters. We also encourage collaboration and attendance to our other educational sessions, so presenters not only spread their knowledge but also gain value from other presenters.
What A/V equipment will I be required to have to be a presenter? 
All presenters will need a web cam, microphone, reliable internet connection, etc.
Will virtual presentations be pre-recorded or live virtual sessions? 
All educational sessions will be live virtual sessions.  

*Note. All NEHA e-mail correspondence will be directed to the individual who submitted an abstract. It is the responsibility of the submitter to forward any NEHA e-mails with important information to additional presenters. 

For more information on the AEC, please e-mail or call (303) 756-9090.