Information for Presenters

Information for Presenters

All presenters are required to register for either a one-day (day of your presentation) or full conference registration in order to present. 

Timeline of Dates

August 24–October 2, 2020: Call for Abstracts open.

Early November 2020: NEHA will e-mail acceptance letters to individuals who submitted an accepted abstract.

November 16, 2020: Presenters must accept offer to present in order to be included in the agenda. To accept or decline the offer to present, please login to MyNEHA and click on "Create AEC Speaker Confirmation" under the Abstract and Awards Submission section on the homepage. Please read the instructions carefully and fill out the form. Please note that if you submitted more than one abstract that was accepted, you will need to fill out the form for each one.  

December 2020–January 2021: NEHA will e-mail detailed information to presenters including date, time, and location of sessions. 

April 23, 2021: Early bird registration ends. Registration fees will increase beginning April 24, 2021. 

July 12–15, 2021: 2021 AEC begins with sessions held on July 13–15.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Am I required to register for the conference? 
YES. All speakers are required to register for the conference. You must either register for one day (the day of your presentation) or the full conference.
Can I get registration fees waived as a presenter?
We typically have a total of 400–500 presenters who not only present but also attend our other educational sessions. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer discounted registration to so many presenters. We also encourage collaboration and attendance to our other educational sessions, so presenters not only spread their knowledge but also gain value from other presenters.
What A/V equipment will be available in presentation rooms? 
All rooms come equipped with a laptop, projector, and microphone. If you require additional equipment, it will need to be requested and paid for prior to the conference. Please contact if you have questions or concerns.
What format should I use for my presentation slides and how should I bring my presentation to the conference?

Presentation slides should be in PowerPoint format and brought to the conference on a thumb drive. Due to the large number of sessions and quick turnaround times between sessions, we ask that you bring a thumb drive with your presentation so slides can be opened easily/quickly on the provided laptop. Please do not bring your slides on a laptop or expect to access using the Internet. WiFi speeds will be slow with the high number of users and might be unreliable. 

How do I upload my presentation slides for attendees to see?
Two weeks before the conference you will be given access to the conference app where you will have the ability to add collatoral to each session you are assigned to present. 

*Note. All NEHA e-mail correspondence will be directed to the individual who submitted an abstract. It is the responsibility of the submitter to forward any NEHA e-mails with important information to additional presenters.