Celebrate World Environmental Health Day 2019 with NEHA

Help NEHA celebrate World Environmental Health Day 2019 and raise awareness of climate change and health.Climate Change Challenges, Time for Global Environmental Health to Act in Unison.

The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) is honored to join the International Federation of Environmental Health in celebrating World Environmental Health Day (WEHD) September 26, 2019 to raise global awareness about today’s most pressing environmental health concerns. This year’s theme is Climate Change Challenges, Time for Global Environmental Health to Act in Unison.

Climate change is the greatest threat to global health we currently face. It harms health by decreasing the quality of air we breathe, increasing our exposure to more frequent and intense extreme weather events, increasing extremes of precipitation including flooding and drought, expanding the geographic distribution and number of disease-carrying vectors, and exacerbating health inequities. Around the world, these impacts increase the risk of chronic and infectious diseases, harm mental health and well-being, threaten the safety and security of our communities, trigger food insecurity, and place a disproportionate burden on our most vulnerable populations.

NEHA WEHD Declaration

NEHA has developed a declaration on climate and health in support of WEHD. Please take a moment to download and read about our thought leadership and efforts to address the complex issue of climate change.

WEHD Declaration (PDF)

#WorldEHDay Twitter Chat - September 26

NEHA is pleased to host a World Environmental Health Day Twitter Chat on Thursday, September 26 from 2–3:00 PM EDT. The theme of our Twitter chat is “Climate and Health.” This conversation will bring together partners and allies to discuss how climate impacts health, highlight the role of environmental health professionals in protecting communities, and building resilience.

Please RSVP for the Twitter chat and follow the conversation using the hashtag #WEHDChat. Be sure to visit and follow NEHA on Twitter at @nehaorg.


WEHD Chat Toolkit

This toolkit provides all the details for Thursday’s Twitter chat. Included in this document are the questions that will be asked during the chat and at what times they will be posted. Please review this toolkit in advance of the chat to allow time for meaningful thoughts, answers, and discussions.

Download Toolkit (PDF)

NEHA Organization-Wide Telework Day

In addition to increasing awareness of the environmental health workforce as a powerful solution on climate change, NEHA is working to reduce our organizational environmental impact on World Environmental Health Day. As such, September 26 will be an organization-wide telework day. Instituting an organization-wide telework day is a great way to collectively participate by working from home and cutting back on our vehicle carbon emissions for the day. Our staff has been asked to commit to reducing or eliminating unnecessary driving trips that day.

NEHA Actions to Address Climate Change

NEHA is proud to be a thought leader at the forefront of climate change and health. The following are some activities/initiatives our organization has implemented:

Please join us in celebrating World Environmental Health Day 2019 and in raising awareness of climate and health. It is vital that all nations work together to understand how climate change is uniquely affecting health and that decision makers utilize the expertise of environmental health professionals in developing strong climate and health solutions.


Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 24, 2019