Congress Needs to Act on Zika Virus

The threat of Zika is real and growing every day. Environmental health professionals know that the best way to stop Zika is a strong investment in vector control programs and working within your communities at a profoundly local level.

After speaking with the scientific community, the White House asked Congress for a $1.9 billion investment to both combat Zika Virus and provide mosquito control in February 2016. That figure was turned down.

It is our opinion that Congress has limited local community efforts by not passing a viable Zika funding bill that would allow critical prevention activities, research, vaccine development, and public education to proceed.

With three legislative days left till September--we need your help to get Congress to act!

Please call your senators today and request that action be taken on Zika funding. 

For more information about Zika, check out our vector control page. 

Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 12, 2016