Food Safety Conferences and Courses

Food Safety Auditor Training

NEHA began the month of May in Rosemont, Illinois at the Food Safety Summit. Food safety experts Trisha Wester and Bob Thrash, taught the Professional Food Safety Auditor Training - a two-day course that provided hands-on experiences about being an auditor.


In addition, the Certified in Food Safety Supplier Audits (CFSSA) Credential exam was offered after the training was complete. More than 70 participants attended the training, which is designed to strengthen and enhance the skills, knowledge, and critical thinking behaviors attributed to a qualified food safety auditor in the post-FSMA environment.

Some photographs from the trainings and the conference:


Food Systems and Public Health

NEHA's Entrepreneurial Zone Program Administrator, Rance Baker, spent the latter portion of the week in Long Beach, California for the S3 Symposium on Food Systems and Public Health. Mr. Baker was a panel speaker for the plenary sessions, moderated by Dr. Marilyn Underwood. Mr. Baker spoke about food safety alongside Dr. Jennifer van de Ligt, and Brian Dunn. Here is a photo of Nelson Kerr, conference coordinator, along with moderator Dr. Underwood, as well as a shot of the scenic Long Beach highway.




Release Date: 
Monday, May 15, 2017