Help NEHA Raise Awareness for SepticSmart Week 2019

SepticSmart Week 2019

NEHA is proud to join the U.S. EPA in celebrating SepticSmart Week taking place September 16–20.

The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) is proud to join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) in celebrating SepticSmart Week from September 16–20, 2019.

SepticSmart Week is focused on getting homeowners and communities to care for and maintain their septic systems. During SepticSmart Week, the U.S. EPA provides information to homeowners on proper septic system care and maintenance, helps local agencies promote homeowner education and awareness, and educates local decision makers about wastewater infrastructure. 

More than one in five households in the United States depend on a septic system to treat their wastewater. When used properly, septic systems help protect public health by reducing the risk of disease transmission, protect the environment, and reduce costs to the community from large infrastructure and energy needed to collect and treat large amounts of wastewater. Being septic smart, or knowledgable about septic systems, is a good way for homeowners to lengthen the lifespan of their septic systems by keeping them regularly maintained and knowing when to contact a septic system service professional if a problem occurs. 

This annual event educates homeowners, communities, and provides tools for local organizations to promote septic awareness. 

"Promoting Best Practices for Community Involvement" Webinar

September 18, 2019
1–3 PM EDT

This year, the U.S. EPA Decentralized Wastewater MOU Partnership is hosting a webinar focusing on the perspectives of state and county health and environmental departments, highlighting their SepticSmart Week outreach efforts and providing examples of strategies they’ve used to overcome local challenges. Tune in to hear state and county health and environmental wastewater experts present resources, challenges, and successes of working with local jurisdictions and wastewater. 

Guest speakers include environmental and wastewater experts from the Ohio Department of Health, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, and La Porte County Health Department. Topics will include highlights and discussion on: EPA’s SepticSmart Week and a walkthrough of available resources, the challenges and successes of working with local jurisdictions, how to navigate differing permit requirements, and a newly enacted local ordinance that mandates the inspection of septic systems at the point of sale, the first in its state.    

The intended audiences for this webinar include local, state and federal government officials such as wastewater professionals, health officials and regulators, as well as community leaders


Highlighted Resources

Septic Systems Outreach Toolkit

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SepticSmart Homeowners 

Learn About Septic Systems

Visit the SepticSmart Week homepage for a complete list of resources.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019