Letter to NEHA Members Affected by Government Shutdown

Dear NEHA family,

As president of NEHA, I want to state emphatically that we stand with all our federal government members and friends who are having a difficult time during this partial government shutdown. We know that all of you are dedicated public servants who only want to make the world a better place through your work. We at NEHA remain committed to helping you through these tough times by offering a grace period for your NEHA membership dues. 

Please know that NEHA’s Government Affairs office in Washington, DC, is monitoring this situation closely. The House of Representatives and Senate have passed legislation guaranteeing furloughed workers their pay once the shutdown is over and President Trump has said he will sign it into law.

We know that doesn’t help you in the immediate future but we will continue to keep you informed through this stressful time.


NEHA President Vince Radke



Vincent J. Radke, MPH, RS, CP-FS, DLAAS, CPH
NEHA President



Release Date: 
Monday, January 14, 2019