March Activities for NEHA Leadership

Check out the places around the nation where NEHA leadership will represent the environmental health profession and engage with EH professionals.

For details on each engagement search by date on the NEHA Community Calendar

March 2018

  • New Jersey Environmental Health Association Conference, Atlantic City NJ, Dr. David Dyjack - Executive Director, is a featured guest speaker -- March 4-6
  • Idaho Environmental Health Assocation Conference, Boise ID, Matthew Reighter - Region 1 Vice-President, is representing NEHA -- March 5-7
  • Global Food Safety Conference, Tokyo Japan, Rance Baker - EZ Program Administrator, is representing NEHA -- March 5-8
  • NACCHO Vector Control Summit, Orlando FL, Dr. Sandra Whitehead - Director of Program & Partnership Development, is representing NEHA -- March 12-15
  • California Environmental Health Association Conference, Sacramento CA, Dr. David Dyjack - Executive Director, is a guest speaker on March 15; Jonna Ashley - Membership Manager, is representing NEHA at the full conference - March 12-15
  • FDA (FD312) Special Processes at Retail Course, Nashville TN, Rance Baker - EZ Program Administrator, is representing NEHA -- March 13-14 (additional course offerings are scheduled in April and May)
  • Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response (CIFOR) meeting, New Orleans LA, Lynne Madison - Region 6 Vice-President, is representing NEHA at this Council Meeting - March 14-15
  • Transforming Environmental Health Symposium at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD, Dr. David Dyjack - Executive Director, is representing NEHA - March 19-20
  • International Federation of Environmental Health World Congress, Aukland New Zealand, Adam London - President, is representing NEHA - March 20-23
  • Michigan Environmental Health Association Conference, Pontiac MI, Vince Radke - President-Elect, is representing NEHA - March 21-23
Release Date: 
Thursday, March 1, 2018