National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association Executive Director Visits NEHA

Eric Casey Discusses NOWRA’s Latest Activities

Eric Casey, Executive Director of the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) addresses NEHA staff

On Friday, August 3, NEHA had the pleasure of hosting Eric Casey, Executive Director of the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA).

Eric gave NEHA an overview of the organization, discussing their goals and mission to strengthen and promote the onsite and decentralized wastewater industry through activities that support recognition and promotion of professionalism for industry practitioners.

He then discussed NOWRA’s Online Learning Academy, which offers courses that cover the fundamentals of the onsite/decentralized industry, as well as advanced training in multiple topics.

Eric covered some of the organization’s lobbying efforts which include securing a larger share of existing federal funding, working with the EPA to change policies, as well as the formation of a wastewater caucus. He discussed the NOWRA Act, a piece of legislation that:

  • Would require the EPA to create a Wastewater Technology Clearinghouse which would update their wastewater technical information assistance programs to include information about the cost-effectiveness of onsite and decentralized treatment systems.

  • Requires communities of 2,500 people or fewer self-certify that they have considered onsite and decentralized systems before they make a treatment decision.

  • Require the EPA to provide a report to Congress one year after the bill has passed. The report would describe:

    • How much SRF money has gone to deploy decentralized systems.

    • The barriers to greater usage of onsite and decentralized technologies.

    • The cost-savings and environmental benefits of further deployment of these technologies.

    • What EPA is doing to help states identify eligible projects which are using decentralized technology.

NOWRA’s actions with federal regulators were presented. The EPA has agreed to add the question “Do you have a sewer or septic?” to the US Census American​ Community Survey (ACS), which is an annual survey that goes to 1 in 38 U.S. households each year. Several industry groups, including NEHA, Association of Clean Water Administrators (ACWA), Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) have agreed to sign a letter of support to add the question to the ACS.

Thanks to Eric Casey for his highly informative discussion, we thoroughly enjoyed having you!

For more information about NOWRA, visit their website.

Pictured below: NEHA Executive Director Dr. David Dyjack (left), NOWRA Executive Director Eric Casey (center), NEHA 2nd Vice President Roy Kroeger, REHS (right)

Dr. David Dyjack, Eric Casey, and Roy Kroeger



Release Date: 
Monday, August 6, 2018