NEHA Board of Directors Approves New Policy Statement and Declaration

On November 9, 2018, the NEHA board of directors held a meeting to discuss and plan the future of the organization. Two important developments occurred from this meeting.

Cottage Foods Policy Statement
The board of directors approved a new policy statement on food safety for cottage foods and home-based restaurants, a growing segment of the market that lacks regulation guidelines and oversight. NEHA advocates for national, state, and local policies, regulations, research, and resources that will enhance the ability of environmental health professionals to regulate cottage foods and home-based restaurants in order to protect public health.

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NEHA 100% Clean Energy Declaration
Carbon pollution is warming our planet and profoundly affecting the U.S. and the world. U.S. leadership can help the world meet these challenges with innovative solutions. We have an obligation to act today on climate change and build a sustainable future for our children, so we must start with mitigating our own climate impact. Therefore, NEHA is committed to work towards 100% clean energy use by 2030. We will employ administrative, educational, engineering, and fiscal measures to meet this goal.

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Executive Director Dr. David Dyjack weighed in on the developments from the board meeting: “I am very pleased that the board approved the cottage foods policy statement and the 100% clean energy declaration. Our organization is committed to be the most influential voice in the environmental health profession. Through this new policy statement and declaration, NEHA continues to project leadership and provide the highest quality tools and resources that can help guide and inform decisions that affect public health and the health of our country.”

Release Date: 
Monday, November 19, 2018