NEHA: Bringing Awareness to Vector Control

NEHA Celebrates National Public Health Week 

There are dozens of topics currently being covered in the news that are very relevant in environmental health, perhaps none more concerning than the coverage of the Zika virus.

Preventing disease that is spread through mosquitos and other pests is part of the vector control and vector-borne disease prevention efforts that environmental health professionals do behind the scenes every day to keep our families and communities healthy. Environmental health is profoundly local and when vector-borne diseases arise on an international level, it’s because they didn’t get the attention needed at the local level first. NEHA raises awareness at the local level and provides resources for environmental health professionals all over the country.

Look into attending the EEK: Vectors and Public Health Pests Virtual Conference, April 13-14, and become more informed on topics such as climate change and vectors, institutional integrated pest management and emerging vector-borne disease. 

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Release Date: 
Friday, April 8, 2016