NEHA Gives Thanks

In the spirit of giving thanks during this holiday season, the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) would like to show our thanks and appreciation for the following groups of people who make it possible for us to fulfil our mission every day.

NEHA Members, Credential Holders, & Environmental Health Professionals

NEHA is thankful for each of it’s 6,678 members and 6,103 credential holders. Without your membership and support, our organization would not be able to provide the highest quality resources and tools you need to grow personally and professionally. NEHA’s success depends on your success and we are truly thankful for you.

NEHA is thankful for all environmental health professionals from around the globe. We appreciate your hard work, dedication, and commitment to saving lives and creating a healthier world for us all.

NEHA Affiliates, Partner Organizations, and Sponsors

NEHA is thankful for the 46 member organizations that we count as affiliates. NEHA affiliates are essential components that help us advance the environmental health profession. Affiliates are our “boots on the ground” who provide critical information about the local challenges and issues they face. Thank you, affiliates, for everything you do for our organization and for the environmental health profession!

NEHA is thankful for our partner organizations and sponsors who help provide financial assistance and the resources we need to develop high quality programming and materials for environmental health professionals. The success of our efforts is in large part to your assistance and collaboration. NEHA is honored to work with so many important organizations and we look forward to growing and strengthening our partnerships in the future.

NEHA Volunteers

NEHA is thankful for the many individuals who volunteer their time, energy, passion, knowledge, and skills to our endeavors. From technical advisors and Journal peer reviewers to subject matter experts and committee members, volunteers assist NEHA in many numerous ways that ensure the quality and relevance of the programming and materials we produce. NEHA would not be able to offer what it does if it was not for our volunteers. Thank you, volunteers, for your selfless dedication to NEHA and the environmental health profession!

NEHA Leadership

NEHA is thankful for our leadership, including the 14-member board of directors comprised of five national officers (second vice-president, first vice-president, president-elect, president, and immediate past-president) who serve on the association’s executive committee and nine regional vice-presidents  who each represent one region of the nation, international members, and members of the armed forces residing outside of the U.S. Our leadership travel around the world to represent NEHA, promote thought leadership, and educate and inspire thousands of environmental health professionals. NEHA leadership serves as the voice of our organization and we are grateful for their dedication in advancing our mission.

NEHA Staff

NEHA is thankful for its diverse staff comprised of motivated, passionate, and talented individuals spanning generations and experiences from all walks of life. Our collective experience and skills provide a highly unique and collaborative environment that promotes personal and professional growth and well-being. Each NEHA team member is fundamentally essential to the success of the organization. We thank all staff members for their hard work and dedication, without you our mission and vision are not possible.

We are truly thankful and grateful for everyone that interacts with us and for the environmental health profession as a whole. Thank you for all your hard work to ensure healthy and safe environments for all. We wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving holiday. 

What are you thankful for? Let us know on social media using the hashtag #NEHAGivesThanks.


Release Date: 
Monday, November 25, 2019