October Activities for NEHA Leadership

Check out the places around the nation where NEHA leadership will represent the environmental health profession and engage with EH professionals.

For details on each engagement search by date on the NEHA Community Calendar.

October 2017

  • Health Impact Assessment National Meeting, Washington, D.C. (Programs & Partnerships Development [PPD] Director Dr. Sandra Whitehead) – October 1-4
  • Various state and regional environmental health (EH) association conferences:
  • Yankee EH Association, Rhode Island (President Adam London) – October 4-6
  • Interstate EH Association, Gatlinburg, TN (Executive Director [ED] Dr. David Dyjack) – October 6-7
  • Wyoming EH Association, Cody, WY (Region 3 Vice-President Roy Kroeger) – October 10-11
  • Texas EH Association, Austin, TX (President Adam London) – October 10-12
  • Kansas EH Association, Kansas (ED Dr. David Dyjack) – October 12
  • North Dakota EH Association, Medora, ND (ED Dr. David Dyjack, Region 4 Vice-President Sharon Smith) – October 16-19
  • Illinois EH Association, Peoria, IL (President-Elect Vince Radke) – October 19-20
  • Virginia EH Association, Virginia (Region 8 Vice-President James Speckhart) – October 23
  • Council on the Model Aquatic Health Code, Denver, CO (PPD Director Dr. Sandra Whitehead) – October 16-19
  • Jamaica Association of Public Health Inspectors (JAPHI) Conference AND International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) Council Meeting, Montego Bay, Jamaica (ED Dr. David Dyjack, Credentialing Manager TJay Gerber, and various current and former board members) – October 23-26
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 3, 2017