Vectors and Public Health Pests Virtual Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

Recording Presentations

When will presentations be recorded?

Presentations will be recorded in March. 

What do presenters need in order for their presentatations to be recorded?

Presenters will need to have a high-speed internet connection, microphone, and webcam (if providing video as part of presentation). 

Will recording of the presentation require travel by the presenter?

Recording will be done remotely and will not require travel by the presenter. 

Interactivity at the Conference

Will attendees be able to ask questions of authors/presenters and interact with each other?

The virtual conference environment will have several ways for attendees to communicate with authors/presenters and each other using an online chat feature similar to AOL Instant Messenger. 

Accessing the Conference Site

What time will the virtual conference environment open and close?

The virtual environment will open at 8:00am MST and close at 4:00pm MST on April 13 and 14.

Can I visit the conference site from my mobile device or tablet?

You can visit the conference site using a desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet. However, a laptop or desktop will provide the best conference viewing experience.

For the best experience while using the virtual conference site, please set your browser's view zoom at 100% and set your monitor’s screen resolution to at least 1024x768. Monitors set to 800x600 (or less) may not display all available content.

If you are using Internet Exporer 9+, you may need to use 'Compatibility View', depending on your version and configuration.

Continuing Education Units (CEU's)

How many CEU's are available for the conference?

All sessions at the conference combined = 19.0 CEUs 

Individual session = 1.0 CEU.

Unfortunately, due to the technical limitations of the virtual platform, the conference is unable to meet the CEU requirements for the California REHS credential.