Making FSMA Real: Integrating Local, State, and Federal Food Emergency Response Capabilities

Our increasingly globalized food supply means that contamination problems originating in remote regions of the world can rapidly impact communities in the United States of America. During this panel-type session, the presenters will review: the Federal effort to establish Rapid Response Teams; State efforts to implement the RRT concept; and state and local efforts to build capacity for response using innovative, less costly training approaches. Lessons learned during RRT implementation and the first year of a unique training pilot project in Michigan (funded by FDA grant under the Food Safety Modernization Act) will be presented, and the progress being made to better integrate local, state, and federal food emergency response capabilities. You will learn new approaches to coordinated response and leave this session with strategies you can implement at your agency for building capacity to respond to food emergencies even with shrinking budgets.

Speaker / Author: 
John Tilden, MPH; Paul S. Makoski, RS, MPA; Matthew R. Ettinger, MS
Month Year: 
July 2015
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