Outbreak of Norovirus Illness in a College Summer Camp: Impact of Cleaning on Occurrence of Norovirus on Fomites

Article Abstract

During the summer of 2005 an outbreak of norovirus acute gastroenteritis occurred in a residential college summer camp and was reported to the local health department. The outbreak spread rapidly to several other groups concurrently sharing the same facilities. During the investigation, fomites were sampled at different times in dorm rooms and tested for norovirus. The number of norovirus-positive rooms increased after the first room cleaning, from 40% to 73%. After the initial cleaning, the staff was instructed on proper cleaning and disinfection procedures and provided with disposable disinfecting wipes to reduce cross contamination, and the number of norovirus-positive rooms decreased to 30%. These findings reinforce the need for appropriate cleaning and disinfection procedures during a norovirus outbreak.

Speaker / Author: 
Charles P. Gerba, PhD
Sonia L.M. Fankem, MS, MPH, PhD
Stephanie A. Boone, MS, PhD
Marlene Gaither, MPA, ME, RS
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April 2014