Development of a Radiological and Chemical Emergency Preparedness Course - Agents of Opportunity

Every day, thousands of shipments of toxic and radiological chemicals, traverse our highways and railways, as potential “agents of opportunity” for terrorists' use.  This informational session will describe:


  1. the public health threats due to Radiological and Chemical "Agents of Opportunity"
  2. the deficiencies in education and training of public health responders to these types of events, and
  3. the development and  relevance of a preparedness course called, "Radiological and Chemical Agents of Opportunity for Terrorism: The Emergency Medicine Response to Toxic Industrial Chemicals and Materials (TICs/TIMs) and Toxic Radiological Materials (TRMs)."
Speaker / Author: 
Richard Collins, MS, REHS/RS, DAAS
Month Year: 
July 2015
EH Topics: