Where Are the Ticks? Solving the Mystery of a Tickborne Relapsing Fever Outbreak at a Youth Camp


During the summer of 2014 an outbreak of tickborne relapsing fever (TBRF) occurred in a group of high school students and staff at a youth camp, which was reported to Coconino County Public Health Services District. Six confirmed and five probable cases of TBRF occurred. During the environmental investigation two rodents tested positive for TBRF, but the vector, soft ticks, could not be found in their “normal” habitat. Ticks were finally located in areas not typical for soft ticks.

Speaker / Author: 
Marlene Gaither, REHS, MPH, ME
Mare Schumacher
Nathan Nieto, PhD
Jennifer Corrigan
Hugh Murray
Matt Maurer
Month Year: 
April 2016
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Publication Month: 
April 2016