E-Journal Bonus Article: Simultaneous Influence of Geology and System Design on Drinking Water Quality in Private Systems


Between 2012 and 2014, almost 3,000 point-of-use water samples from private water systems (e.g., wells, springs) in Virginia were analyzed for common contaminants of human health and aesthetic concern. In addition, each sample was accompanied by a brief questionnaire detailing system characteristics. Approximately 55% of samples exceeded at least one health-based drinking water standard. This study evaluated the interactions between local geology and private system types to understand variations in water quality, which is critical when evaluating and prioritizing efforts to protect public health. In the context of lead, sodium, and total coliform bacteria, this study illustrated the importance of considering local geology as it dictates groundwater flow, private system type as it determines the source aquifer and raw groundwater quality, and household treatment devices as potential sources of additional water quality constituents.

Speaker / Author: 
Kelsey J. Pieper, PhD
Leigh-Anne H. Krometis, PhD
Brian L. Benham, PhD
Daniel L. Gallagher, PhD
Month Year: 
September 2016
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September 2016
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