The Let’s Beat the Bug! Campaign—A Statewide Active Public Education Against Bed Bugs in Minnesota


Bed bugs continue to affect society and place a burden on public health systems. Experiences of the Let’s Beat the Bug! campaign are presented to help information networks prepare personnel to effectively address questions about this pest. Following recommendations from the Minnesota state bed bug working group, an information line was established and the Web site ( was revised. Data from both services were analyzed by geographic region and type of information requested. InformationLine primarily assisted people who had issues dealing with failed treatments and landlord reluctance to take effective measures against this pest. Web site visits indicated a preference for learning do-it-yourself control methods. There were commonalities in the information sought from both services. People were often looking for reassurance, in addition to information about basic prevention and control of bed bugs. We present here priority topics that public health personnel should be prepared to answer if they receive inquiries about bed bugs. 

Speaker / Author: 
Amelia K. Shindelar
Stephen A. Kells, MS, PhD, BCE
Month Year: 
March 2017
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Publication Month: 
March 2017