NEHA/AAS Scholarship Program

NEHA/AAS Scholarship Program

The purpose of the NEHA/AAS Scholarship Program is to encourage students to indulge in an early commitment to a career in environmental health as well as to inspire past and present graduates to pursue postgraduate studies in environmental health sciences. This program offers financial assistance to individuals with an evident need and serves to introduce adequately trained professionals into the environmental health workforce. In previous years, students who demonstrated the highest levels of achievement in their respective environmental health degree programs were awarded $5,000 directly from this fund. Your donation empowers NEHA and AAS to continuously award this scholarship to exceptional students who have a passion for environmental health and supports the next generation of environmental health professionals. NEHA relies on the generosity of donors like you to move forward and create a positive impact within the environmental health community. Every dollar makes a difference! 

Donations are welcomed by phone at (303) 756-9090, ext. 300, or by mail to the address below.

National Environmental Health Association
720 S. Colorado Blvd.,  Ste. 1000-N
Denver, CO 80246-1926

Special Recognition of the NEHA/AAS Scholarship Program Supporters

American Academy of Sanitarians

James J. Balsamo, Jr., MS, MPH, MHA, RS, CP-FS

LeGrande G. Beatson

Valerie Cohen

John Coulon


Eric S. Hall

Donna M. Houston

Maria G. Lara

Matthew A. Lindsey

George A. Morris, RS

Priscilla Oliver, PhD

Robert W. Powitz

Vince Radke, MPH, RS, CP-FS, DLAAS, CPH

David E. Riggs

Richard L. Roberts

Welford C. Roberts

Leon Vinci, DHA, RS

Regina Young

Webster Young

Linda L. Zaziski


  Thank you!