NEHA Membership Special Election

NEHA Membership Vote

In 2018 the National Environmental Health Association will hold a special election of eligible voting members. The purpose is to approve amendments to NEHA’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, making membership more streamlined and inclusive. Specifically, we are asking to reduce the number of membership categories from nine (active/individual, sustaining, institutional, life, student, emeritus, international, and subscribing) to five (professional, emerging professional, retired professional, international, and life), and to remove barriers in the membership criteria.

Our long-term aim is for NEHA to be the most essential and influential environmental health professional association in the world. To achieve that, our membership categories should reflect the needs of our constituents and reflect today’s career paths. In the process, we hope to attract new members, and retain current members, so that we can speak with a louder and more effective voice on behalf of EH professionals.

All NEHA voting members will have the opportnity to weigh in on this resturucting during the NEHA 2018 Election. Ballots will be emailed on March 1, 2018.  To update your email address, or renew your membership, please visit My NEHA. If passed, all current membership terms will be honored, and changes will begin taking place in October 2018.

Here is what you need to know:

I am a NEHA individual member:

Most individual members are unaffected by the proposed changes. Students and new professionals would be incentivized by a membership category designed to meet their needs. As a current member, you will find that the new membership categories are comprehensive and allow you to be flexible in choosing the category that best fits your career from year to year. You will continue to have the option to pay for hard copies of the JEH, and professional members will have the option to select a two-year membership term. Students and recent graduates will be recognized with their own membership category, but this category will also be expanded to include anyone who identifies as just starting out in their career.

I am a NEHA organizational member:

This category represents the largest proposed adjustment to the bylaws. We propose to sunset the Sustaining and Educational membership categories. At the same time, we are committed to aligning our membership program with our original mission to advance the environmental health professional. We will work with you to purchase memberships for your staff, so that they can continue to receive the member rate on their NEHA credentials, and they can take advantage of NEHA’s other educational and career building benefits. NEHA will continue to partner with colleges and universities to advance our shared goal of educating and engaging the next generation of EH professionals. NEHA will work with our sponsors and exhibitors to ensure that we are offering high quality options for advertising and exhibiting with us.

I am an NEHA credential holder:

NEHA’s credential holders are unaffected. NEHA is fully committed to educating and supporting a credentialed EH workforce. This vote is about restructuring NEHA’s membership program, not NEHA’s credentialing program. We will continue to offer the same value on credential exam and renewal fees to all individual NEHA members. If you have been receiving the member rate on your credential fees as part of a Sustaining (organizational) membership then we encourage you to join in one of our new, more inclusive, membership categories.


For more information please contact Jonna Ashley, NEHA Membership Manager at, or (303) 756-9090 Ext. 336