Legal Epidemiology, Part 3

Legal Epidemiology, Part 3: A Tool for Addressing Health in All Policies  

August 17, 2017

This webinar will offer a primer on the Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach as a strategy for addressing complex factors that influence health and equity. Speakers will describe how a HiAP approach can help to ensure that policy decisions have a neutral or beneficial impact on health and equity outcomes. Speakers will also demonstrate how legal epidemiology can be used as a tool in tracking the growth of HiAP laws, policies and program across the country and identify current trends in HiAP implementation. 


  • Brianne Bostian, MPH, CHES,  Public Health Advisor, Chenega Professional & Technical Services, LLC serving CDC, OSTLTS, Public Health Law Program 


  • Doug Farquhar, JD, National Conference of State Legislatures, Program Director for Environmental Health, CDC 
  • Dawn Pepin, JD, MPH, Public Health Law Program, CDC 
  • Sandra Whitehead PhD, Director of Program and Partnership Development, National Environmental Health Association, Washington, DC 
  • Bernadette Nunley, JD, Assistant County Attorney, Mulnomah County, OR