Recommended Study References

Recommended Study References

Below is a list of study references that are recommended to assist the candidate in preparing for the CFOI examination.

 1.  CIFOR Guidelines

 2.  CIFOR Industry Guidelines

 3.  Epi-Ready


 4.  Team approached to foodborne outbreak response – LSU

 5.  Bad bug book

 6.  CCDM – Control of Communicable Disease Manual

 7.  2013 FDA Food Code


 8.  CDC Environmental Assessment Training Series (EATS)

 9.  CO Center of Excellence for Food Safety 


10.  NEHA’s Online Environmental Assessment Training

11.  Tennessee Center of Excellence (COE)

12.  IAFP Procedures to conduct foodborne outbreak investigations

13.  CDC Basic epidemiology courses and case studies

14.  North Carolina’s foodborne and epi

15.  NIMS Guideline

16.  Homeland security and exercise program

17.  Foodnet atlas of food exposures