NEARS Promotional Toolkit

VIDEO - CDC's NEARS Success Stories

This 5-minute video features four current NEARS participants sharing their experiences with the CDC NEARS program.

The goal is for a decision-maker to watch this video and at the end say, “yes, we should participate in NEARS,” or at least, “yes, I can see how this could be valuable to us, and I’m interested in learning more.”  


NEARS Fact Sheet

The CDC NEARS Fact Sheet describes how a food safety program can benefit from NEARS and how participating in NEARS helps the national food safety system. It also includes quick links to NEARS resources and information about how to participate.

This Fact Sheet is an excellent handout that includes a comprehensive overview of NEARS, which is ideal marketing material for any audience.

Image of the NEARS Fact Sheet

Access NEARS Fact Sheet

NEARS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ includes common questions about the NEARS program (e.g., cost, training, access) and official responses to those inquiries.

Use this resource as a supplemental handout to potential participants who may have more specific questions about the program. 


NEARS Summary Reports

The CDC NEARS reports include data and information on the characteristics of foodborne illness outbreaks and the establishments where the outbreaks occurred.

Easily understandble graphs and pie charts show data on characteristics of outbreaks reported to NEARS. Use this resource to show audiences the type of information NEARS can generate. 

NEARS Summary Reports

Access NEARS Summary Reports

VIDEO - NEARS Webinar Hosted By The National Environmental Health Association

This 18-minute webinar for food safety staff and decision-makers provides an overview of CDC's NEARS. It discusses how NEARS can positively impact food safety programs by preventing and reducing future outbreaks.

This webinar specifically targets decision-makers. It includes success stories from two agencies (New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Tennessee Department of Health) currently participating in NEARS.  

NEARS Webinar

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NEARS Instruction Manual

This technical document shows the data collected by CDC's NEARS.

To obtain a copy of the NEARS Instruction Manual please contact

NEARS Instruction Manual

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NEARS Powerpoint Presentation 

Preventing Foodborne Illness Outbreaks: Participation in the National Environmental Assessment Reporting System (NEARS)

This PowerPoint presentation emphasizes the value of collecting and reporting environmental health data and the benefits of participation in NEARS. It highlights the enhanced prevention, intervention, and ultimate improved food safety that result from improved identification of environmental factors contributing to foodborne illness outbreaks.

NEARS PowerPoint

This is a great tool for facilitating an information session about NEARS with an audience of potential participants.

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