Health Impact Assessment Webinar

Using Tracking Data to Inform Health Impact Assessment logoUsing Tracking Data to Inform Health Impact Assessments Webinar 

This webinar features the stories of three Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) in which data from the Environmental Public Health Tracking portals was used to inform the process. Additionally, speakers will discuss the HIA Tracking toolkit developed to enable environmental health practitioners to more fully use tracking data in their HIA work. Tune in to hear about the tracking toolkit and other resources that are available to support HIA work!


Chris DuClos, MS, GISP, CPM, Program Manager, Florida Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT)
Chris is a recognized expert in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the Florida Department of Health.  Chris has worked in public health for over 20 years in chronic disease and environmental epidemiology programs. Chris has been involved with many different projects that have used GIS to support public health initiatives at the local, state, and federal level.  He is particularly interested in the way GIS can be used for the analysis, visualization, and reporting of public health data, in support of Health Impact Assessments (HIAs).

Margaret Round, Chief, Air Toxics in the Massachusetts Department of Public Health/Bureau of Environmental Health’s (MDPH/BEH) Environmental Toxicology Program (ETP)
Margaret has over 30 years of experience in working on the health impacts and related regulatory issues associated with exposure to air pollutants including air toxics.  She is currently working on a program to strengthen local health response to climate change by implementing CDCs Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE).  She is also working with other DPH programs and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to integrate the health impact assessment (HIA) framework into transportation planning decisions.

Jessie Shmool, MPH, DrPH, Principal Investigator, Minnesota’s Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) program
Jessie has worked in multiple areas of environmental health research and surveillance, with particular focus on cumulative impacts, chronic health disparities and GIS and spatial statistics. Minnesota’s Tracking data portal provides information on more than 20 environment health indicators used by diverse stakeholders to understand trends, identify vulnerable populations and support community investigations, including Health Impact Assessment(HIA). 

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