How should an intern’s progress be reviewed?

Student Intern Collecting Water SamplesCreating an open communication system where interns can receive feedback and ask questions easily is crucial to the success of the internship. Many times, an internship is the first opportunity for students to work in a professional environment. Developing a feedback structure for your interns will benefit both the intern and the activities they are working on.

Supervisors should meet with interns at least weekly, to discuss project activities, any difficulties, or questions they may have. Additionally, email should be used to reinforce guidance and project goals. Constructive feedback will not only impact the project, but also build the intern’s work habits for the future.

Students fulfilling a capstone or practicum may be required to complete a more in-depth progress review mid-way through the internship and at its conclusion. Relevant staff can also be sources of feedback for interns’ projects. 

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