General Election Results: 2018

Elections are a critical part of the democratic process and are one way that provides members a voice in the running of their organization. NEHA voting members have an opportunity to vote for candidates of contested board of directors and regional vice-president positions, as well as cast votes regarding proposed Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws changes. National officers of NEHA's board of directors serve a one-year term in each officer position (second vice-president, first vice-president, president-elect, president, and immediate past-president) for a total of five years. Regional vice-presidents serve three-year terms.  

For more information about NEHA elections and the critical deadlines for nomination forms, eligibility dates to become a NEHA voting member, and ballot dates, please visit the election page.

The 2018 NEHA general election results are as follows:

Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Changes

NEHA members approved, by nearly 93% of the vote, an amendment to the association's bylaws to streamline its membership. The bylaws revision reduces NEHA's membership categories from nine (active/individual, sustaining, institutional, life, student, graduate, emeritus, international, and subscribing) to five (professional, emerging professional, retired professional, international, and life), and removes barriers in the membership criteria. Changes will begin taking place in October 2018. 

As an individual member, you will find that the new membership categories are straightforward and inclusive, and will allow for simplicity and ease in your yearly renewal. Students and recent graduates will continue to be recognized with their own membership category, but this category will also be expanded to include anyone who identifies themselves as just starting out in their career.

NEHA believes that our membership categories should reflect the needs of our constituents and today’s career paths. The result of this vote demonstrates that making a change to our membership categories will increase the value of membership for many of our current and future members.

If you have questions or concerns about the upcoming changes to NEHA’s membership, please contact Jonna Ashley, Membership Manager, at

Second Vice-President

There was one qualified candidate for the second vice-president position: Roy Kroeger, REHS. Roy ran unopposed and, therefore, did not appear on the election ballot. He will assume the second vice-president position at the close of NEHA'S 2018 Annual Educational Conference (AEC) and HUD Healthy Homes Conference in Anaheim, California, in June 2018. You can view Roy's candidate profile published in the March 2018 Journal of Environmental Health.

            Roy Kroeger

Regional Vice-Presidents (RVPs)

NEHA's membership is broken down into nine regions that represent U.S. geographic areas, as well as members in the U.S. military and abroad. The terms of three RVP positions expire in 2018: Keith Allen - Region 2, Roy Kroeger - Region 3, and James Speckhart - Region 8.

Region 2 and Region 8 each had only one eligible candidate. Each of those candidates will automatically assume their regional vice-president roles at the AEC in Anaheim in June 2018. There were two candidates for Region 3 and NEHA members residing in that region were able to vote for the candidates via the election ballot.

The unopposed and elected individuals will assume their positions at the close of the 2018 AEC and their terms will expire in 2021. You can view their candidate profiles published in the March 2018 Journal of Environmental Health.

  • Region 2: Jacqueline Reszetar, Nevada (Region 2 includes Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada)
  • Region 3: Rachelle Blackham, MPH, LEHS, Utah (Region 3 includes Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and members residing outside of the U.S. except members of the U.S. armed forces)
  • Region 8: LCDR James Speckhart, MS, Maryland (Region 8 includes Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC, West Virginia, and members of the U.S. armed forces residing outside of the U.S.)

     Jacqueline Reszetar              James Speckhart

          Jacqueline Reszetar                  Rachelle Blackham                   LCDR James Speckhart