Professional Food Manager Online Course

Professional Food Manager Online Course from NEHAThe Professional Food Manager Online Course - Now Available

  • Contains streamlined, validated content by NEHA subject matter experts to support the education of food managers

  • Provides the knowledge needed for culinary and hospitality professionals to pass accredited food manager exams

  • Aligns with American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF) Required Knowledge and Skills Competencies for Sanitation standards

  • Has been successfully used by tens of thousands of food managers and soon-to-be managers


Course Overview:

The NEHA Professional Food Manager Online Course is designed to enable individuals in the food industry to describe science-based procedures needed for food safety and protection. The program will teach you about food safety hazards, explain how to control those hazards, and summarize personal hygiene, safe food handling, the flow of food through a facility, and the basics of pest control. This course enhances knowledge and understanding, thus promoting the practice of food safety and protection.




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