Past NEHA President JEH Columns

NEHA Past Presidents

2016–2017: Dave Riggs, MS, REHS/RS

2015–2016: Bob Custard, REHS, CP-FS

2014–2015: Carolyn Hester Harvey, PhD, CIH, RS, DAAS, CHMM

2013–2014: Alicia Enriquez Collins, REHS

2012–2013: Brian Collins, MS, REHS, DAAS

2011–2012: Mel Knight, REHS

2010–2011: Keith L. Krinn, MA, RS, DAAS, CPHA

2009–2010: Welford C. Roberts, PhD, RS, REHS, DAAS

2008–2009: Dick Pantages

2007–2008: Rob Blake, MPH, REHS

2006–2007: CAPT Richard F. Collins, MSEH, RS, DAAS, USPHS


Note. NEHA has electronic versions of the past president columns going back to only 2006. You can view the full listing of NEHA past presidents here.