Essential Service #1: Monitoring

Monitor iconMonitoring 

Monitor environmental and health status to identify and solve community environmental public health problems

Monitoring is referred to as disease surveillance and it is vital for reportable infectious diseases.  It is essential to monitor the health of populations to identify trends in vector-borne disease, allowing for the assessment of needed health resources. 

Vector program activities that fit into Essential Service #1 include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Include vectors in a Community Environmental Health Assessment
  2. Having a protocol for disease surveillance 
  3. Utilize GIS in monitoring citizen complaints, trap locations, and control activities
  4. Monitoring mosquitos in the area with surveillance traps


Integrated Pest Management: Conducting Urban Rodent Surveys- This manual is for classroom use and for field training of those who work in community-based rodent integrated pest management programs. The manual is also a reference for survey techniques and for the preparation of reports and maps.nce Man

Community Awareness Assessment Question Bank - This question bank contains a series of questions along potential response choices to assist in the development of a mosquito-focused community awareness assessment.ual

Community Environmental Health Assessment The CDC's Protocol for Assessing Community Excellence in Environmental Health, a tool for communities to identify their health concerns, take action on their environmental health problems, and improve their health and quality of life


What to Look for - Identifying Active Rodent Signs (ARS) Explains how to determine an active rodent infestation from an inactive one, recognize the difference between house mouse fecal pellets and large cockroach droppings, and know the difference between rat and mouse gnawing damage.


Fairfax County, VA Community Health Improvement Plan- The Community Health Improvement Plan discusses seven key priorities to improve health and well-being for the Fairfax Community. The plan focuses on providing all members of the community the opportunity to make healthy choices and have access to health care when they need it.

Neighborhood Mosquito Report: Gilbert AZ- The town of Gilbert AZ conducted a neighborhood survey as part of the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department's Vector Control Division (VC). Residents were asked about their knowledge of mosquito-borne diseases, their feelings of how likely it was for them to catch one, their awareness of relevant resources, their preferences on how to get information during an emergency, and their demographic information.

Tulsa County Mosquito Surveillance Information about Tulsa County's mosquito surveillance and collection program, positive West Nile Virus trap locations, and human cases of West Nile Virus. 

Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District Field Technicians Work Smarter—Data Access Increases Efficiency  Case study on Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District's plan to improve field data collection efficiency, reproduce and control existing workflows, centralize data sources, and establish modifiable forms/reports

2015 Madison County Community Mosquito Survey Final Report