Essential Service #7: Link and Provide Care

Link icon with chain linkLink to Services and Provide Care 

Link people to needed environmental public health services and assure the provision of environmental public health services when otherwise unavailable

To link the community to important health services, systems must identify barriers to personal health services such as language, access, transportation, etc.  The environmental health and vector control workforce must ensure that appropriate health services are coordinated and development interventions can overcome barriers.

Vector program activities that fit into Essential Service #7 include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Develop outreach communication in languages other than English
  2. Work with clinical care to ensure that personal protection information is shared with vulnerable populations


Chatham County, GA Chatham County, Georgia has developed an online resource for community members can sign up to receive notice of spraying activities via phone, email, or text. 

Greater Los Angeles County, CA Greater Los Angeles County, California provides a variety of presentations for their community members on vectors. 

DeKalb County, GA DeKalb County, Georgia uses the social media app, Nextdoor, to conduct directed outreach to neighborhoods.

Orange County, FL Orange County, Florida provides mosquitofish to residents who are interested in using them in water features to control the mosquito population. 


Tick bites: First Aid  Information on how to treat a tick bite and when to seek medical attention

Clinical-Community Linkages Helps to connect health care providers, community organizations, and public health agencies to improve patients' access to preventive and chronic care services