Navigating Degrees of Collaboration: A Proposed Framework for Identifying and Implementing Health in All Policies


As environmental health practice increasingly shifts from a regulatory focus toward community-based approaches to prevention, more communities are adopting a Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach. This approach uses a systems approach to policy making to ensure that policies have neutral or beneficial health impacts. As communities engage in cross-sector collaborations, however, the lack of a consistent vision and defined role for environmental health professionals can limit implementation. We address this challenge by proposing a framework for understanding the various terms and methods used to describe HiAP efforts; we also identify roles for environmental health. Our framework begins with collaboration as the core of intersectoral work, then overlays other government-based and health-based approaches. HiAP sits at the final intersection of these elements. The resulting framework provides practitioners with a common language for working with partners, assessing current HiAP work, and planning and evaluating HiAP implementation.


Speaker / Author: 
Tiffany J. Huang, MPH, MA, Department of Sociology, Columbia University
Bridget Kerner, MS, National Association of County and City Health Officials
Sandra Whitehead, PhD, National Environmental Health Association
Month Year: 
November 2018
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Publication Month: 
November 2018