Staff Manager

Company:  New Mexico Environment Department

Location:  Espanola, NM

Date Posted:  June 18, 2019

Application Deadline:   June 24, 2019

Employment Type:  Full time

Salary:  $44,782 - $77,917 DOE

Staff Manager

About the Position

The purpose for this position is to inspect the following job assignments:

Food Safety Program:

  • Conducts approximately half a regular inspectors workload of restaurant and institutional food service inspections annually and as required.
  • Assigns and assists staff with technical plan reviews for permitting new food establishments.
  • Assign and investigate incidences of food borne illness complaints and participate in the Acute Disease Response Team.
  • Provide technical support and assistance to staff for any needed compliance and enforcement.

Liquid Waste Program:

  • Conduct at least half a regular inspectors workload of septic tank permits and inspections annually.
  • Provide assistance to staff with technical reviews of proposed alternative liquid waste disposal systems.

Public Swimming Pools:

  • Conduct at least half a regular inspectors workload of public swimming and public bath permits and inspections annually.

Other Agency Programs:

  • Oversee, coordinate and act as a liaison for local government emergencies such as hazardous materials release, flooding, domestic wildfires, and natural disasters.
  • Coordinate and act as liaison for other department programs and the general public in the areas of groundwater discharges, mine spills, toxic releases, open dumping, and open burning.
  • Participate and coordinate with local government planning projects such as subdivisions, LEPC, rural water, and infrastructure development.
  • Review plans, specifications, and related documents including submittal forms and applications for permits issued under regulations associated with food safety, liquid waste, and public swimming pool programs.
  • Communicate any deficiencies in the application to the applicant and aid as appropriate.


Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science, Animal Science, Natural Science, Biological Science, Physical Science and/or chemistry and five (5) years of work experience in environmental science, animal science, natural sciences, biological science, physical science and/or chemistry. Substitutions apply. See Substitution Table below. Two (2) years of heavy supervisory or limited professional level experience operating within strict parameters and guidelines directly related to the purpose of the position defined by the agency at the time of recruitment.

How to Apply

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