Credentialing & Continuing Education FAQs for California REHS

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a California REHS, what do I need to do to obtain CE credit for this conference?

You must complete the following three tasks:

  1. Track your hours using the CE Tracking Form. The online form conveniently downloads into an Excel app on your electronic device, is easy to read, contains speaker evaluations and performs CE calculations for you. Paper tracking forms and surveys are available at the NEHA Information Table. Once you follow the link to open the form, click on the “Enable Editing” button at the top of the screen and thoroughly read the instructions on the READ ME tab. 

    Example CE Tracking: 
    Example of Session Tracking Form

  2. Complete one speaker evaluation for each session you track. Up to 20 survey templates are included in the electronic form. Paper survey templates are available at the NEHA Information Table.
  3. Make a Cert of Attendance and Completion request ( When entering, Title is 2019 NEHA AEC, Instructor is various, Registered Provider is NEHA and Contact Hours is the grand total of hours on your CE Tracking Form. This is free for NEHA members and $30 for non-members. During the conference, members may receive a paper Cert of Attendance and Completion by presenting their completed CE Tracking Form (electronic or paper) at the NEHA Information Table.

Do the CEs automatically transfer to my account if I’m using the app?

No, CE credits will not transfer over to the CE Tracking Form. You must complete the CE Tracking Form and speaker evaluations. We do recommend using the Schedule feature on the conference app to receive the most up to date and complete session information.

How many CE credits do I earn for attending the AEC?

It depends on which sessions you attend, minus meals and breaks. Please refer to the CE Tracking Form for maximum hours available.

How do I tell if I have the California REHS credential or the NEHA REHS/RS credential?

If you tested in California, and your REHS credential was issued by the California Dept. of Public Health, you have the California REHS. If you applied to NEHA, in Denver, Colorado, for your REHS/RS credential, and you passed the NEHA exam, you have the NEHA REHS/RS credential.  Follow the CE instructions for NEHA credentials.

I live and/or work in California but do not have a credential. How would I learn more about the California REHS registration program? 

Go to the CA Dept of Public Health Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS) web page at: , or call 916-449-5662 or e-mail .

If I have the California REHS, can I get the NEHA REHS/RS through reciprocity and not have to take the test again?

Only if you took the test in California before August 1992. California started using their California-specific REHS exam at that time, so tests taken after that date are not reciprocal with NEHA.

I have the California REHS and I tested after August 1992, but I also want to get the NEHA REHS/RS. How do I do that?

You would have to meet NEHA’s eligibility requirements, then apply to NEHA and take the NEHA REHS/RS exam and pass it. For more information go to . If you have questions, contact 303-756-9090 ext. 310 or ext. 337 or e-mail