FD204 Temporary Food Establishments Course

Food Truck offering mini donuts, meatball subs, and fried zucchiniCourse Overview

The purpose of this four-day, virtual course is to prepare participants to effectively conduct an application review, menu review, and inspection of a temporary food establishment (TFE) and institute corrective actions. This course will cover the key elements for conducting application reviews, menu reviews, and inspections of TFEs.

Key steps for planning a national special security event or other large-scale special events are also covered. Methods of instruction include lectures with hands-on group exercises and discussion to reinforce performance-level concepts.  

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  • "Very impressed. Exceeded all expectations."
  • "This was very thorough and interactive. I found myself engaged at all times."
  • "This was one of the best courses I have ever taken, either online or in person. Everyone was comfortable in their own space, the instructors were phenomenal - I would like to sign up for more FDA courses via Zoom as it saves my department housing/travel/food and it's just excellent."