NEHA 2015 AECNEHA 2015 Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition

Orlando, Florida
July 13–15, 2015

Imagine the New NEHA: Tools for Success Today and Making a Difference Tomorrow

Orlando, Florida! Almost 1,000 environmental health professionals flocked to this hot and sunny location to attend NEHA’s 2015 Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition, July 13–15. This year’s theme, “Imagine the New NEHA: Tools for Success Today and Making a Difference Tomorrow,” played out in numerous ways throughout the conference. And what was palpable to all in attendance was the heightened level of excitement and energy as NEHA was launched into a new era.

The usual suspects formed the backbone of the conference: the multitude of environmental health sessions, the interactive exhibition, and the networking events full of comradery and pure fun. New components to the conference—the meeting app, the use of social media, a different opening session, and a unique keynote—infused a fresh twist on the solid core of the conference. Tie it all together and attendees were treated to a multifaceted experience that provided education, training, networking, advancement, motivation, inspiration, policy involvement, and sheer enjoyment!

We thank all of our fantastic attendees, presenters, and exhibitors for making the 2015 AEC such a success. We truly hope that every one of you who made the trip to Orlando found it to be a rewarding and informative experience that will help you perform your duties and advance your career.

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