NEHA Endowment Foundation

History of the NEHA Endowment Foundation

The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) Endowment Foundation was established years ago to enable NEHA to do more for the environmental health community than its annual budget might allow. NEHA was founded in 1937 upon the belief that professionals who were both educated and motivated would make the greatest strides in creating healthful environments and search for the finest solutions. Every year, NEHA organizes the Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition to bring together professionals from all over the globe to educate each other and discuss current and emerging environmental issues. The essence of the AEC is to learn how local agencies, industries, and levels of the government are working together to provide a safe and healthy environment, all while inspiring the attendees to do more in their local communities with more motivation upon returning to their jobs.

What is the NEHA Endowment Fund Reserved For?

During the AEC, NEHA holds a meeting for the Endowment Foundation Committee to gather and discuss where the fund stands and if there is a special project or program to finance from its contributions. These projects could be anything from financing a member in need to enable them to attend a special event like the AEC or a larger funding for a project in partnership with another organization that is outside of NEHA’s normal budget. Small or large, the purpose of this fund is to ensure that NEHA can contribute to evolving environmental health and continue to be the gold standard in educating environmental health professionals.

Special Opportunities for NEHA Endowment Fund Supporters

These special projects and programs rely on the generosity of donors like you to support and encourage the environmental health profession. If you are new to NEHA or new to supporting our Endowment Foundation, please familiarize yourself with the NEHA Endowment Foundation Clubs. Individuals who have made monetary contributions to the Endowment Foundation are listed on the Special Recognition of Our Supporters page, as well as in the Journal of Environmental Health. Your contributions are totaled and the club you are listed in depends on the amount you have contributed in your history with NEHA. There are six clubs and with each club comes a prize or potential for a prize—anything from your name listed in the Journal for a year, to a chance to win a free registration to the AEC. This recognition is our way of thanking those for continued contributions as a returning supporter!


The donations received for this fund are invested with the intent that it will continue to grow, ensuring that these funds will one day be used to enhance and empower the environmental health profession, in turn, amplifying your contributions.

Contributing to the NEHA Endowment Foundation helps NEHA help you, as an advocator for environmental health.