General Election Results: 2022

General Election Results 

Elections are a critical part of the democratic process and are one way that provides members a voice in the running of their organization. NEHA voting members have an opportunity to vote for candidates of contested board of directors and regional vice-president positions, as well as cast votes regarding proposed Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws changes. National officers of the NEHA Board of Directors serve a 1-year term in each officer position (second vice-president, first vice-president, president-elect, president, and immediate past-president) for a total of 5 years. Regional vice-presidents serve 3-year terms.  

For more information about the NEHA elections and deadlines for nomination forms, eligibility dates to become a NEHA voting member, and ballot dates, please visit the election page.

Second Vice-President 

There were two qualified candidates for the second vice-president position: Michele DiMaggio, REHS and Larry Ramdin, MPH, MA, REHS/RS, CP-FS, HHS, CHO. You can view their candidate profiles here. 

Voters elected Larry Ramdin as NEHA's second vice-president. Larry Ramdin will assume this position at the close of the NEHA 2022 Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition on July 1, 2022. 

Regional Vice-Presidents

The NEHA membership is broken down into nine regions that represent U.S. geographic areas, as well as members in the U.S. military and abroad. The terms of three regional vice-president (RVP) positions expire in 2022: Region 4, Kim Carlton; Region 6, Niki Lemin; and Region 9, Larry Ramdin.

Two of the three regions had only one eligible candidate and did not appear on the election ballot. Both of these candidates will automatically assume their RVP roles at the close of the NEHA 2022 AEC on July 1, 2022. Their terms will expire in 2025. You can view their candidate profiles here. There were no candidates for Region 9 vice-president.

  • Region 4: Kim Carlton, MPH, REHS (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin)
  • Region 6: Nichole Lemin, RS/REHS, MEP (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio)