NEHA Announces 2020 Joe Beck Educational Contribution Award Recipient

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Release Date: 
June 30, 2020

Dr. Milton Morris, PhD, MPH, REHS, DAAS

2020 Joe Beck Educational Contribution Award Recipient

Dr. Milton Morris

Denver, Colo.—The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) is pleased to announce that Dr. Milton Morris is the recipient of the 2020 Joe Beck Educational Contribution Award. This award is given annually to a NEHA member for an educational contribution designed for the advancement, and professional development, of environmental health professionals.

The innovation created by Dr. Morris, Director of the Environmental Health Science Program at Benedict College, consisted of providing creative education and training to hundreds of mostly minority (African American) students. The students received electronic training on zoonotic diseases and environmental disasters. The innovative part of the project consisted of identifying motivated students who extended their learning by researching specific zoonotic diseases, emerging pathogens, and environmental disasters and presenting their findings through competitively evaluated research presentations.

The innovation conducted by Dr. Morris and his colleagues promoted a positive impact as students received environmental health education on methods to reduce the chances of disease vectors infesting environments. Students learned strategies to help the environment that included using preventive biodegradable larviciding agents such as oils to reduce mosquito breeding, draining infected stagnated water and removing containers and materials from at-risk environments. Students also learned ways to reduce or ameliorate harmful impacts to the environment from disasters.

Dr. Milton Morris has served as the Director of Environmental Health Science at Benedict College in South Carolina since 1989. He has been a member of NEHA for 32 years. Dr. Morris served in the United States Army and has held leadership positions in several professional organizations. He retired from the Medical Service Corps of the Army Reserves with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He has written numerous articles and reports for both civilian and military publications.



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