NEHA Virtual Museum

NEHA Virtual Museum

A Blast From the Environmental Health Past

Peruse the NEHA Virtual Museum to learn more about the fascinating (and sometime strange) artifacts, instrumentation and tools, publications, and miscellaneous items from NEHA's and environmental health's past. Click on an image below to learn more about what is pictured.

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Acknowledgement: The NEHA History Project Task Force thanks Dr. Robert Powitz for providing photos and descriptions from his personal collection for the NEHA Virtual Museum.


AIACS Lapel Pin California State Board of Health Inspector Badges Chicago Inspector Badges Dairy Licenses
      AIACS Lapel Pin                                            California Inspector Badges                       Chicago Inspector Badges                           Dairy Licenses

District of Columbia Board of Health Code, 1871 Detroit Inspector Badge Don't Spit on Sidewalk Brick Earth Day Pin From 1970  
      DC Board of Health Code                           Detroit Inspector Badge                              Don't Spit on the Sidewalk Brick               Earth Day Pin From 1970

Inspector Badges From the 1940s Notice to Milkmen Nuisance Complaint Sanitary Corp Collar Insignia 
      Inspector Badges From the 1940s            Notice to Milkmen                                       Nuisance Complaint                                     Sanitary Corps Collar Insignia

Photo of sanitary inspectors from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1908 Smallpox Quarantine Sign Spitting Prohibited Sign U.S. Sanitary Commission Badge and Officer Hat Device
      Sanitary Officer Photo From 1908            Smallpox Quarantine Sign                          Spitting Prohibited Sign                              U.S. Sanitary Commission                          

Vendor Tags
      Vendor Tags

Instrumentation and Tools

 Alnor Velometer Jr. Bimetal dial pocket thermometer Bottle Roach Trap Carbide Inspection Lamp       
      Alnor Velometer Jr.                                       Bimetal Dial Pocket Thermometer           Bottle Roach Trap                                         Carbine Inspection Lamp

 Electric Branding Iron Fat Percentage Measuring King Food Inspection Set Fly trap 
       Electric Branding Iron                                 Fat Percentage Measuring Kit                    Food Inspection Set                                     Fly Trap

 D.C. Inspection Stamp Inspector's Lantern 
      Inspection Mirror                                         Inspection Stamp                                          Inspector Lantern                                        Lactometer 

Melon Tester Milk Sample Bottle Pocket Sight Level Portable Egg Candler
      Melon Tester                                                Milk Sample Bottle                                       Pocket Sight Level                                        Portable Egg Candler                            

Rubber Stamp Kit Sanitarian's kit Trichinoscope Triple range light meter  
      Rubber Stamp Kit                                        Sanitarian's Kit                                              Trichinoscope                                               Triple Range Light Meter                                         

Vest Pocket Flashlight Water pressure and flow test gauge Water Sample Mailer
      Vest Pocket Flashlight                                 Water Pressure/Flow Test Gauge              Water Sample Mailer

NEHA Items

National Association of Sanitarians lapel pin NEHA Green Book NEHA Industry Affiliate lapel pin The Sanitarian, Volume 1, Issue 1
      NAS Lapel Pin                                               NEHA Green Book                                        NEHA Industry Affiliate Lapel Pin              The Sanitarian, Volume 1, Issue 1

The Sanitarian's Desk Reference
      The Sanitarian's Desk Reference


The Sanitarian and His Duties Sanitarian's Handbook: Theory and Administration Practice The Sanitary Inspector’s Handbook
      The Sanitarian and His Duties                      Sanitarian's Handbook                                 The Sanitary Inspector's Handbook

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